How to Secure All Your Smart Devices

Nowadays, people use different kinds of smart devices in their home. Smart devices based on Internet of Things occupy an important role in most of the people’s lives today. But because of the security risks involved, using antivirus software now has becomemore important than ever before. Also, one is able to control those smart devices with the help of their smartphone remotely. The luxury of controlling all devices from the smartphoneis causing people to rely on IoT in larger numbers.

Although these devices offer a lot of benefits, they happen to come at a price. One of the more serious potential issues related to these smart devices is security. Because these smart products are vulnerable to attacks, hackers and malware. So, in order to protect those devices users should know how to protect them.

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Follow these steps to protect your smart devices from potential threats:

Lock down your router

Routers are the main source of risk to the home’s smart devices. If the router is poorly secured then it can allow an online hacker to access all the home automation devices on your network. Hackers can easily access a poorly-secured router or a router with a default password. So, the best solution for this is to lock your router with a strong password. Also, change the password of the router every 2 weeks to add an extra layer of security.

You should invest in a router with a good security and make sure that the default admin password has been changed, and that it’s running the most current firmware version.

Avoid tampering with devices

You should avoid tampering with your home’s smart devices. The most vulnerable devices to attack are the devices with USB update mechanisms. You should store your devices in places where unauthorized persons cannot easily access them.

Make use of a cloud service

The services of a cloud are designed to help a user maintain his home-automation devices that cost a lot of money and can potentially open the floodgates to new security and privacy issues. In most cases, a service provider can secure the devices better that a home user. If you do not use a cloud service, then you have to constantly manually check the security of the system.

So, in order to make your smart devices more secure and convenient, you have to spend some cash. Also, you have to pick up a complex password and should ask for two-layer protection from the service provider which will add an extra layer of security for internet-connected devices.

Update your devices often

Many of the developers create software for home devices in a simple manner only. They are not responsible for security as they are developers only. So, to ensure the security of those devices, their functionalities need to be improved. Updating the software of the device with the latest protection features is a solution to make home devices remain secure from common attacks.

Go with a brand name

Try to buy products from a branded company. This is because a company without a brand name is not as reliable and may be trying to scam you.

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