New PayPal Chip Card Reader Support Both Apple And Android Pay Systems

New PayPal Chip Card Reader

After being first announced back in May of this year PayPal has now made available their new PayPal chip card reader that offers support for both Apple and Android Pay in the US.

The new PayPal card reader now offers contactless payments and will be available from tomorrow throughout the US for just $49 after a rebate.

PayPal explains the price would normally be $149 at purchase, with $100 rebate available to your PayPal account when a business processes $3,000 worth or transactions within the first 3 months. The new PayPal card read is capable of accepting Chips Cards, Contactless NFC payments and traditional swiped cards. Paypal also explains :

Starting on October 1, 2015, the liability shifts to businesses for fraudulent chip card transactions. This means if you accept a chip card with a magnetic stripe reader, you’ll be responsible for the cost if the transaction is fraudulent. The shift occurs in October 2015 so you don’t have to make any processing changes until then. You’ll be able to accept these chip cards and other forms of payments with our new PayPal Chip card reader, arriving in Fall 2015.

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