Gaana app introduces support for Android Auto

Domestic music streaming app Gaana today released a Android Auto version that allows users to stream their favourite music via Android Auto compatible phones, vehicles and aftermarket radio.

Any user with an Android phone (running 5.0 or later) can use Android Auto with a driver friendly interface to access the stuff like directions, communications, music etc without the distraction of things that aren’t required while driving.

Prashan Agarwal, COO, Gaana says, ‘Music is the biggest stress buster when driving, but access to just the right song or station, while simultaneously dodging traffic is not just frustrating, but downright dangerous. Gaana has brought the solution with its Android Auto integration. Allowing you access to your favorite music in a safe and delightful driver-friendly interface – So you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands up on the wheel,” laughs Prashan Agarwal, COO, Gaana.

Users can also access their favourite songs and playlists from their Android Auto app, with a minimalistic interface, large buttons, and voice actions.

Users can use voice command to access their personal music library on Gaana, and also to search for a song. It has over 15 million songs, 16 radio stations and 1000 other non-stop radio stations based on their mood, driving time and duration.

Gaana has been very active when it comes to upgrades and enhancements, be it localisation, dual color theme, wide variety of payment options or recommendation engines.

Gaana’s Android auto integration will provide a safe alternative to listeners and will further strengthen Gaana’s dominance in music streaming space.

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