Cyware – not just your everyday cyber security app

You must have heard of the word ‘cyber security’ already and read many articles about the importance of ensuring cyber security in our daily lives. But do you know what is ‘cyber awareness’. Cyber awareness is being aware about the happenings in the cyber security world. Having information about the latest threat methods, new hacker groups, various new practices being implemented by companies and users, to secure themselves from hackers – is called cyber awareness. The term holds a lot of importance when it comes to cyber security. It is through cyber awareness, that we achieve security. To help you become cyber aware, a new app has been released into the market – Cyware. Cyware app publishes latest, cyber security news in summarized, easy-to-understand fashion, so that consumers can use this information to know about what actually is happening in the cyber security world. With this app (available in both Android and iOS platform), users can avoid scouring through newspapers and blog posts each day to find relevant information about information security, data breaches happening across the world, and new antivirus and safety tips to practice to secure from hackers.

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This app is beneficial to both cyber security professionals and general internet users – as it contains information suitable to both parties. For security professionals, Cyware published in depth news analysis, expert opinions, reports and recently implemented laws, policies and regulations – all the information that helps professionals to take quick and timely action against new malware and implement good security policies in their organizations. For regular internet users, the app contains information about internet security tips, social media security and various measures one must take to ensure online security. As soon as you login into the app and fill in your preference (to cyber security professional or regular internet user), the app automatically regulates your news feed to only show you the news cards relevant to you. For senior management as well, Cyware regulates news cards and displays only the most relevant information which will help you make the best decisions for your organization. The app also has handy information such as, “Cyber Glossary”, “Important Facts” and “Interesting Tweets”alon with cyber security news.
Considering how cyber security has become an important part of all our lives, it is time we all take the step towards making sure not just us, but our entire ecosystem is secure. To facilitate this, the app also has a real-time sharing feature. Remember, your network is only as secure as the weakest user. Make sure everyone around you is aware of best cyber hygiene practices to follow.

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