Google Maps iOS App Now Update Adds New Fastest Route Feature

Google Maps iOS App

Google has today released a new update for its Google Maps iOS application that has brought with it a new feature that’s been specifically designed to provide users with a one page view of the quickest route from one location to another.

The new fastest route feature provides times from your current location to your destination with estimated times listed for travelling by car, rail, foot and bike offering an easy way to make the right travel decisions and allow you to get to your appointment on time.

Google explains a little more about the new features within the Google Maps iOS application :

Anyone who has been stuck in city traffic knows that the fastest way from A to B is not always by car, and that public transit, biking or even walking can be a better choice. Well, now you can stop playing transportation roulette and start navigating with confidence. Starting today on iOS (already available on Android), Google Maps will show you travel times for all transportation types on just one screen so you can easily compare your options and get where you’re going as quickly as possible.

With live traffic and public transit information reflecting delays and cancellations, Google Maps will quickly compare transport options in real-time to give you the right information, right when you need it. Once you’ve selected your mode of transportation, Google Maps goes the extra mile to provide you with alternate routes directly on the map

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