YouTube for Android Tipped to Receive Major Interface Revamp

Several users are reporting a major interface overhaul in YouTube for Android app. Google is said to have made some server-side changes to enable new features spotted in the Android app, testing it with limited users.

It’s worth noting that YouTube for Android received an update last week adding redesigned interface with easy access to recommended videos, favourite channels, and subscriptions. However, none of the features that are now being spotted in screenshots where included in the update.

First reported by Android Police, major tweaks can be spotted by some users. The biggest of these is that when browsing through a list of videos where the listed videos show-up with large thumbnails. Users can also notice a new ‘Play while scrolling’ feature accessed via settings option in the YouTube app for Android. It offers options to switch on or off the video playback during scrolling alongside a third option that will auto play videos only when on Wi-Fi.

When watching a video sideways, the thumbnail takes the screen and still allows users to browse the list of videos in the app. A Google+ user named Aaron Hennig has posted a video showing the new features.

A recent report claimed that YouTube will be soon launching an ad-free video subscription service. The firm sent an email to YouTube content owners, revealing the plans and asking them to agree with the new terms by October 22 this year. Not agreeing with the terms would result in the removal of the videos from the portal. Industry sources claimed that this subscription-based content viewing might launch towards the end of October. It has also been said that YouTube might bundle two different services in one single offer. While the first service would be an upgrade to YouTube’s Music Key service, which was launched as beta last year, the second would be viewing videos without any ads.

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