How to Choose Between Latex Mattress and Memory Foam Mattress

There is a wide variety of mattress available in the market these days. The most important component of a mattress is the foam it contains. There are different varieties of foams you can choose from, but inarguably, Latex mattress and Memory Foam Mattress are the most widely used and the best foams available.

Latex Foam Mattress

Latex foam comes in two types:

  • Natural Latex:

Rubber tree sap, collected into a liquid fume centrifuge is poured into molds. It can also be continuously collected over a belt tray. It is then steam baked. This is how Natural Latex is produced. A high quality Natural Latex contains around 95% of pure rubber. Some natural latex producing agencies qualify for Organic Certification. Some antioxidants and additives are also added to make the latex durable and ensure its longevity.

One should take care of brands selling 100% pure Latex. One hundred percent pure latex is almost useless, as without additives the latex cannot be processed into foam.

  • Synthetic Latex:

Synthetic Latex is made out of chemical additives mixed with petroleum based oils. A good blend of rubber makes the product look of high quality. Certain chemicals that are added have been proven dangerous to one’s health. These include Chemical fire retardants and formaldehyde.

The risks associated with these chemical additives range from skin cancer, obesity, infertility and certain brain development disorders like ADHD and autism. Certain synthetic foams are also given an extra pinch by addition of plant oils. These plant oil synthetic latex are termed as ‘’bio’’, ‘’hybrid’’, ‘’soy’’, ‘’eco’’ and many more names.

Every time the foam is pressed while being used chemicals are released in the form of volatile vapors into the house and pollute your air. This poses grave risk to children as they are more susceptible to such chemicals.

Certification is the best way to distinguish between synthetic and natural Latex.

Memory Foam Mattresses

A type of polyurethane combined with certain chemicals constitutes the Memory foam. The trapped body heat forces the memory foam to change its shape according to the person involved. The heat is trapped beneath the sleeper. This trapped heat is used as memory by the mattress and forces it to change its shape according to the body of the person.

As advertised by some agencies, there is no Natural Memory Foam. Always be cautious while choosing memory foam. Some scents, Latex, Hydrolyzed Corn protein is added to improve the quality of the memory foam.

What to Expect from Memory Foam?

The main attraction of memory foam is its versatile nature adapting to one’s body shape. However, one should keep in mind the principle on which it works requires heat. While sleeping, if you are prone to changing your position regularly, each time it would require some heat to build up for the foam to change its shape. This can be a reason of distress for some users.

Many companies sell high quality memory foam, latex mattresses, mattress furniture, etc. to their customers. Choice of mattress is completely personal and one should be wise in choosing a mattress.

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