4 Stylish Garden Structures

As Spring transitions into Summer, our focus naturally shifts more toward outdoor spaces. And while many of us long for that plush garden filled with all our favorite flowers and exotic plants, the time and effort to maintain such a paradise can prove elusive. Fortunately, your backyard doesn’t have to rely solely on living organisms for aesthetic appeal. Here are 4 stylish structures that don’t need to be watered, pruned, or picked (aside from the vines).

1. Pergola

garden-pergola-designrulz-026A pergola consists of four poles and a slatted roof, all made of wood. Usually, they’re large enough to accommodate a seating area for a group of people and have climbing plants growing across the roof that add further protection from the elements. When constructed over a patio, they offer a soft transition from inside to outside; further out in the yard they provide a new vantage point with some shade, from which you can sit, observe, and relax.

2. Arbor

ashbury_garden_arborAn arbor is similar to a pergola, albeit much smaller. Instead of open sides, they have interwoven lattice pieces (usually with vines growing on them) and often have an arched top.

Considering they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, arbors a great way to add definition to a garden or walkway.



3. Trellis

trellis-xIf you cut off the sides of an arbor, you’d basically wind up with a trellis. It’s an architectural element made up of grids or lattice, usually two dimensional and placed on an outside wall, allowing plants to climb up. It’s a simple way to beautify that blank wall on the side of your garage.

4. Garden Obelisk

garden obeliskA simple standing structure, the garden obelisk acts as a centerpiece while adding a vertical dimension to a garden. Climbing plants are encouraged to make the ascent upward.

While these structures won’t be able to completely replace your flowering friends, they’ll ensure that, despite your skills as a gardener, your yard will always have some stylish elements.

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