Virtual Offices: When, How, and Where to Get One for Your Small Business


Southeast Asia is a veritable mixed bag when it comes to markets and economies. Many of the countries here are wonderful places to live and work, but they’re not all easy to afford. On the one hand, you have big, prosperous regions like Hong Kong with its incredibly costly high-end offices. At the other, you’ve got emerging economies like Thailand, where the market is full of possibility and rent rates are yet to match those of their neighbours.

Low corporate tax rates and affordable commercial real estate are two of the reasons why Thailand continues to attract investors from overseas. If you’re an entrepreneur with a big idea, this country is a great place to try it out. Consumers are excited about new products, manufacturing costs are low, and there are robust links to the rest of the continent. Plus, the popularity of virtual offices means that you don’t even need a lease to launch.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of virtual offices and why you should consider one for your new business.

Where to Find Virtual Offices in Thailand

 There are a number of high-end providers located in central Bangkok. Servcorp virtual offices, for example, are situated in the most renowned areas of the capital city. You’ll usually find that location is a big feature of these facilities. Providers offer the use of very special addresses.

It is an important asset because investors look for businesses which are right at the heart of the action. They want to know that the companies they support are going to connect with consumers in big, wealthy markets. It’s also easier to recruit talent from a busy, central spot in a thriving area.

Getting to Grips with Going Virtual

 The virtual office is a relatively new concept, but entrepreneurs from all walks of life are currently enjoying its benefits. While these facilities do occupy a physical, usable space, the idea is that registered tenants operate from wherever is most convenient for them.

So, the average virtual user runs their business from home, but they have a dedicated corporate mailbox or customer phone line (often both) set up at the facility. That way, they get to keep their personal and professional communications separate and build up a strong brand.

How to Register with a Virtual Office

 It is really easy to sign up for access to a virtual office. Once you’ve found a facility which feels right for you, it’s just a matter of agreeing on the terms. This is a quick process, as the terms of all virtual workspaces are simple. You pay one fee to access the tools and features.

The rates are normally very low because tenants choose to go virtual when they don’t need a full office suite. So, as you’re only requesting the bare bones resources, the cost is minimal. You can work out of the physical space if you want to, but most tenants check in periodically.

Why Virtual Workspaces Are So Valuable

 Entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, freelancers, and businesses of any kind are welcome to use virtual offices. However, they do lend themselves particularly well to small teams and young businesses that are just starting out. This because they add professionalism to new ventures.

In the early days, you might not have the funds to rent a full-time private office. However, it’s still important to sustain a strong brand and virtual offices can help you do that. Wherever you are based in Bangkok, you can claim the address of a prestigious, high-end workspace.

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