Bulk SMS for colleges and universities: They are not just for the students

Setting up a proper communication channel is important when you are running a school, college or university. There are a number of things that you have to communicate to your students, their parents and even the teachers- immediately and usually at short notice. Traditional methods of communication like sending an email, contacting parents over the phone or sending a letter home all have their disadvantages. After all information sent home by the post or with pupil can get delayed and in some cases student intercept it especially if it contains some unfavorable information.

Phone calls are also undependable as parents are usually at work or just too busy to get the call. Emails can get blocked by spam filters or can be read too late. This is why a Bulk SMS service for colleges can be the ideal communication tool. You can easily create a message and send it directly to the mobile phone of parents or guardians in no time. Today, everyone carries their mobile phone, everywhere and all the time so you can be sure that your SMS will be opened and if required acted upon as soon as it gets read.

Here are just a few ways that you can use bulk SMS for universities

  1. Help for Parents

A bulk SMS service for universities can also help parents of students in several ways, like:

  • They can get key reminders for things like assemblies for parents, arrangement of extra classes, an event cancellation, college plays etc.
  • You can notify parents about changes in the college’s email address, phone numbers or website
  • Notifications about school being closed due to any unexpected event or bad weather
  • You can send attendance record of the child every month or week to update parents that their child has skipped classes
  • An SMS based voting system where they can share any feedbacks or suggestions for the improvement of the school performance


  1. Help for students

There are various areas where bulk SMS-based systems can assist students stay informed and updated.

  • You can notify student about dates of upcoming exam, class schedules, fee collection, assignments and other happenings.
  • Students can get information about college magazines library and other important reading materials.
  • You can give information about sports activities or any other extracurricular activities
  • Send them notifications for joining an urgent event, lecture or a meeting.


  1. Help for Teachers

You can also use transactional bulkSMS for colleges to keep your teachers informed for things like:

  • Schedule of classes they are supposed to take in a particular week
  • Information about any urgent meetings
  • Information about the weekly, monthly or yearly performance of their students
  • You can also notify teachers about any extra classes or cancellation of lectures
  • Notification about any workshops or training arranged by the management for the teachers
  • Information about administrative modifications, changes in offices or management.

These are only a few ways bulk SMS for colleges/universities can be used to give useful services in education sector. There are a number of companies that provide bulk SMS services at pocket friendly rates, just find a reputed smart message service and get started.

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