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Astronomers Compile Largest Ever Photo of the Milky Way

Astronomers at a German university have compiled a picture of the Milky Way that contains 46 billion pixels the largest astronomical image to date. The image containing data gathered in astronomical observations over a period of five years was compiled by the astronomers at the Ruhr-University Bochum. It can be seen by an online tool, […]

Nasa’s New Horizons Probe Reveals Last of Pluto’s Moons

Interplanetary space probe New Horizons has sent the images of Pluto’s moon Kerberos, which appears to be smaller than scientists expected and has a highly-reflective surface. Kerberos appears to have a double-lobed shape, around 12 km in its long dimension and 4.5 km in its shortest dimension, US space agency Nasa said in a statement. […]

Mushrooms Could Help Power Future Smartphones

Researchers have created a new type of lithium-ion battery anode using portabella mushrooms, which are inexpensive, environmentally friendly and easy to produce. Nanocarbon architectures derived from biological materials such as mushrooms can be considered a green and sustainable alternative to graphite-based anodes, said Cengiz Ozkan, professor of mechanical engineering and materials science and engineering at […]

Samsung Gear S2 Launches Friday For $299.99

Samsung has announced that their new Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch will launch this Friday the 2nd of October in the US. There will be two different models of the device available, the Gear S2 which will cost $299.99 and the Gear S2 Classic which will cost $349.99. The new Samsung Gear S2 to will allow […]

Global Shipments of 3D Printers Grow 103 Percent in 2016

Worldwide shipments of 3D printers will reach 496,475 units in 2016, up 103 percent from the predicted 244,533 units in 2015, according to a new report by market research firm Gartner. The research firm believes that 3D printer shipments are forecast to more than double every year between 2016 and 2019, by which time worldwide […]

UAE Space Agency Seeks Cooperation With Isro

A delegation from the UAE Space Agency has undertaken a visit to the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) to discuss possibilities of cooperation between the two space organisations. The delegation was led by Khalifa Al Rumaithi, Chairman of the UAE Space Agency, and Mohammed Nasser Al Ahbabi, its Director-General, according to statement released by official […]

Japanese ‘White Stork’ Cargo Craft Leaves ISS

Japan’s unmanned cargo transfer spacecraft that delivered supplies to the International Space Station(ISS) has left the ISS, announced the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) on Tuesday. Captured by the Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS), the H-2 transfer vehicle “KOUNOTORI5″ (HTV5)”was moved to the releasing point below the station and released into orbit at 1:53 […]

World First ‘Drone-Port’ Planned in Rwanda

It sounds like science fiction: unmanned drones carrying emergency medicine zooming above the rolling hills of Rwanda. But proposals including one by eminent British architect Norman Foster plan exactly that, to set up “cargo drone routes capable of delivering urgent and precious supplies to remote areas on a massive scale”, with the East Africa nation […]