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How to Make Money on the Side

It’s increasingly difficult to survive on only a monthly salary. Companies are laying-off workers to cut back on expenses, and bills are harder to pay. Therefore, it is important that you have an alternative way of making income. Below are some suggestions on how you can do that. Online Forex Trading In Forex trading, you […]

Less Framework – Its support for big firms

The size is not what matter at the end of the day, what matters is the quality. The company with a huge setup can produce a lot. However it is not mean that the company will be giving you quality products. However with the introduction of the Scrum technology software is used which brings about […]

Thinking about financial future ?

When it’s time to start thinking about your financial future, aligning yourself with a wise investment group is a very smart move. If you’re thinking about investing and doing long range planning, what’s important is that you work with a reputable investment counselor who has a solid background in coming through again and again for […]

Pay-TV Companies Want You to Stop Hating Them

If you’re still looking for the perfect icebreaker or pickup line, try this one on for size: “Hey, you look like you’re not happy with your current cable or satellite television provider.” It’s true. Most of us are dissatisfied with our pay-TV provider. Prices keep moving higher with every passing year as they pass on […]

Target to Match Online Prices With Online Rivals

NEW YORK — Starting Thursday, Target (TGT) will now match its online prices with more than two dozen online competitors including (AMZN) and (WMT). The change in policy marks a big step for the Minneapolis-based retailer, which until now only matched prices at its own stores. Target is also allowing 14 days, up […]

Why Do You Have Three Different Credit Scores?

NEW YORK — If you’ve ever gone to pull your credit report, you know that there are three different credit reporting bureaus. And if you’ve ever pulled your score, you’ve probably noticed that they’re not all the same. So if you have three different scores and three different credit reports, why? What are the differences […]

Private Sector Adds Jobs, Midwest Manufacturing Stumbles

NEW YORK — U.S. companies hired workers at a solid clip in September, but data showed factory activity in the Midwest contracted, muddying the economic picture for the Federal Reserve on whether to raise interest rates later this year. U.S. private employers added 200,000 jobs in September, payroll processor ADP (ADP) said Wednesday, the strongest […]

Ralph Lauren Steps Down as CEO of His Namesake Company

NEW YORK — American designer Ralph Lauren, who built a fashion powerhouse on luxury designs inspired by country club chic, announced Tuesday he is stepping down as chief executive officer and named the head of Gap Inc.’s (GPS) populist Old Navy brand to the position. Ralph Lauren Corp. (RL), founded by 75-year-old Lauren in 1967, […]